The crisis of migrants to the United States continues with a decisive desire by the Trump administration to stop this southern march that affects the economic and social life of the Americans ... The so-called resolute confrontation with immigrants and receiving weapons and the army was required to abide by US borders The Mexican ...

And with all the warnings and statements from the US officials and by President Donald Trump himself, but a new convoy of immigrants from Central America, consisting of 200 people who wish to enter the United States without visas despite threats to expel them, this Sunday from El Salvador.

They said that they are fleeing from a misery life in their country and gathered in a square in the west of the capital San Salvador and then boarded three buses to go to the city of Sonsonati, 66 km from that place, an AFP correspondent reported.

They then moved to Guatemala, the border State, to which they wish to cross.

Among these immigrants there are many families with their children.

"The truth is that I have no choice," said a woman named Cecilia Bonilla, 36, who left the neighborhood where she was living and was witness to a guerrilla war, accompanied by her 5 and 13-year-old sons.

"I do not want to leave, but what can I do here, alone with two children, I have not received any help from anyone, and gangs threaten us, so it would have been better to leave."

On October 13, thousands of people from Honduras made a convoy to the United States and gathered in Tijuana, the Mexican town on the US border, but their chances of crossing are slim. Other migrants, particularly from El Salvador, joined the convoy.

Source AFP

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