WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hurricane Durian is heading toward President Donald Trump's luxury Maralago resort in Florida, meteorologists warned on Friday.

The US National Hurricane Center said late Friday that the Trump resort in the tourist city of Palm Beach will soon be in the eye of a hurricane with a wind speed of about 225 kilometers per hour, with the announcement of the strength of the hurricane to the fourth degree, or "very dangerous."

Meteorologists warned that the hurricane was threatening millions of Florida's east coast residents, although some predictions did not rule out the possibility that Durian would change course north to deal a "passing blow" to the state.

"It looks like Maralago will be in the middle of the hurricane, but he can handle it himself. It's a strong place," Trump told reporters on Friday, commenting on the threat to his resort.


Trump expressed concern about the implications Durian might bring to Florida residents, expressing hope that the hurricane would change course, although this scenario is unlikely.

After making the remarks, Trump flew on Saturday to his golf club in Virginia.

Things are evolving in Florida in line with the wishes of former Canadian Prime Minister Kim Campbell, who sparked a controversy on Twitter last Wednesday as she hoped that Hurricane Maralago would hit directly, to "shake Trump's denial of climate change."

Maralago dates back to the 1920s. The luxury resort was built by businesswoman Marjorie Merewiser Post and was acquired by Trump in 1985 after a failed attempt to turn it into a nature reserve.

Source: The Associated Press

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