US President Donald Trump has betrayed his body language this time by infuriating his Finnish guest, who is clearly disturbed by the cameras in the White House.

Trump tried to "break the ice" during a meeting with his guest, Finland's President, Sauli Niinisto, by patting on his knee, as a signal to shorten the distance between the two claims, but the reaction of Niinisto was decisive and frank, and he took away Trump's hand from his leg in a quick move!

Activists across the Internet scoffed at Trump, one wrote: "I think we can add the president of Finland to the list of people Trump touched without consent," while another noted that "raising Trump on the president's knee is totally disrespectful in Finnish culture." .

But this is not the first time Trump has drawn attention to his body language or the way he shook hands with world leaders.

Trump's gestures have become the focus of the observers' attention to reveal their connotations.

She also described his handshake with former British Prime Minister Theresa May as "eccentric" and his handshake with British Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as "convulsive." His safety for Japan's prime minister, Shinzo Abe, was long and friendly with laughter.

Observers certainly did not forget the scene when Trump took the "crust" off the jacket of French President Emmanuel Macron during his visit to the United States in April last year.

Psychologists say, according to the BBC, that "Trump has a distinct body language, so that some of his gestures at all unfamiliar, and experts believe that he trained through the fine arts such as acting."

Psychology calls this kind of body language, many gestures, "double encryption," in other words, the receipt of the message is carried out through the channels of pronunciation and consideration simultaneously, making it more syndrome.

Source: RT + Agencies

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