By: Nadeemy Haded

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the presidential plane known as the "White Elephant", was offered for sale as part of his "austerity" program.

Mexican President Andres Obrador, known simply as "Amalou", has a problem selling the plane, as no one wants to buy the "white elephant".

Obrador said on that the presidential plane, a Boeing Dream Liner, will be returned to Mexico a year after it is offered for sale in the United States, where its maintenance costs have accumulated to reach $ 1.5 million.

The former Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto, bought this plane and requested that it be redesigned to be able to carry only 80 people, with the addition of a full presidential suite with a bedroom and a private bathroom.

Obrador pointed out that the potential buyers were unable to obtain financing for the purchase of the plane, especially since the process of rehabilitating it and transforming it again into a commercial plane that accommodates 300 passengers, seems very expensive.

Obrador hoped that the sale of the plane would provide a lot of money in order to support anti-poverty programs in his country, as he had himself taken the initiative to choose to travel in economy class on regular commercial flights, and to reduce travel abroad, and the president also prevented his government from making flights in airplanes. Government-owned executive.

Obrador announced a series of auctions that will sell a total of 39 government-owned helicopters, 33 executive and small aircraft.

The Mexican government offered 19 planes and 9 helicopters for sale in the first round of auctions, in the hope that it would raise more than a billion dollars, according to the British newspaper "The Guardian".

It is noteworthy that the term "white elephant" is used in the economy to denote ownership that its owner can not dispose of because of its high cost, especially its maintenance.

This term is derived from the story of the Siam kings (now Thailand) who used to gift the hated royal entourage of a white villa for their destruction, due to the high cost of caring for it.

Source: Agencies

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