In a sharp change of tone for the Corona virus, US President Donald Trump has described the epidemic as perhaps the worst of what the United States has experienced in its history, calling on citizens to prepare for "tough weeks."

Trump said, during a press conference held at the White House on Tuesday, that he wanted every American to prepare for "difficult days ahead of us," and that the coming period would be "of the most severe two or three weeks in US history," adding: "We will lose thousands of citizens." ".

Trump acknowledged that he was well aware from the start that there was a possibility that the virus could kill thousands of Americans, but he preferred not to divulge this information and intentionally underestimate the severity of the epidemic, justifying this position by saying that he "does not want to be a pessimist" and seeks to "send hope in The souls of citizens. "

The working group on fighting Corona at the White House presented during the conference shocking new estimates that the best scenarios for the outbreak of Corona are the death of between 100,000 and 240,000 people in the United States due to the virus.

Working group coordinator Deborah Perks noted that the worst-case scenario was that 1.5-2.2 million Americans had already died from the epidemic, but he was not mindful of efforts to impede the outbreak of the virus through social divergence measures that were extended until April 30.

Pyrex expressed the White House’s conviction that it will be able to reduce the expected losses significantly thanks to these measures.

Commenting on these figures, Trump stated that the death toll of 100,000 victims would be low under these scenarios, saying: "When I first saw these numbers, they told me it was not likely that we would be able to achieve that. We'll see what comes, but I think we will achieve Better results than this. "

The US President called on citizens to unite their efforts in this way and strictly abide by the directives of the government, describing this as a "matter of death and life."

Trump rejected the criticism of New York Governor Andrew Como and the rulers of several other states affected by the epidemic about the local hospitals not having enough respirators to treat people with corona, stressing that the federal government maintains reserves of 10,000 of these devices and intends to distribute them to the affected states before the peak of the virus.

And Trump added that his administration does not intend to distribute these medical devices now, saying: "This is like keeping oil reserves."

The United States currently tops the list of the largest corona virus foci in the world in terms of the number of infections recorded with 189,633 infections and 4,081 deaths.

Source: AP + Business Insider

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