On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump threatened to censor or even shut down social media platforms, after Twitter indicated that two of his tweets were "unfounded".

"Republicans feel that social media platforms are completely silencing the voices of conservatives. We will be organizing or closing them aggressively, before we allow this to happen. We saw what they tried to do and failed in 2016," Trump wrote on Twitter today, Wednesday, in reference to the alleged intervention attempts. In the American presidential elections.

He added: "Clean up your behavior, now !!!!"

This came after he accused "Twitter" Tuesday for the first time, Trump of providing false information in two tweets in which the president wrote and without providing evidence, that voting by mail will necessarily lead to fraud and "fraudulent elections."

"Twitter", who is often accused of being lenient in dealing with statements made by leaders, added the phrase "verify the facts" to the two tweets.

The US president, who tracks 80 million Internet users, responded by accusing "Twitter" of "interfering in the 2020 presidential election."

He wrote: "They say my statement about postal voting is incorrect based on investigations actually conducted by (false networks) CNN and Amazon Washington Post."

He added, "Twitter completely suffocates freedom of expression, and as president, I will not allow them to do so!"

For his part, a spokesman for "Twitter" justified the move, saying that "these two tweets contain information that may be false about the voting process, and were referred to to provide additional information about voting by correspondence."

But Twitter did not act against other messages Trump posted on Tuesday morning conveying a worrying conspiracy theory.

The president has constantly attacked MSNBC's presenter, Joe Scarborough, the former politician who was his friend before publicly criticizing him on the network.

Numerous websites and blogs reported the idea that Scarborough, when he was a Republican in Congress, killed his Parliamentary aide Laurie Clausautis in 2011, without providing any concrete evidence.

Timotie Clausautis, the widow of the lady, eventually sent a message to Twitter President Jacques Dorsey, reported by several American media on Tuesday, writing: "Please cross out these tweets ... My wife deserves better than that."

"I ask you to interfere because the President of the United States seized something that he does not have the right to remember the memory of my late wife, and spoil him with political calculations," he added.

Jack Dorsey did not respond to this request publicly on Tuesday and the tweets were not removed.

Source: RT + APB

By .... Nadeemy Haded

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