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By:Nadeemy Haded The United States has called on its nationals abroad who want to return to their homes to do so now before the Coronavirus turns into a "tsunami" with which it loses the ability to evacuate them. "There is no guarantee that within a few weeks the State
In a sharp change of tone for the Corona virus, US President Donald Trump has described the epidemic as perhaps the worst of what the United States has experienced in its history, calling on citizens to prepare for "tough weeks." Trump said, during a press conference held at the
By:Nadeemy Haded US President Donald Trump considered that the death of 200,000 people in his country with the Corona virus would be a "good" result of efforts to combat the disease, stressing that the pace of high deaths would reach its peak after two weeks. "Think about this number,
By:Nadeemy Haded The United States has recorded 453 new deaths from the new corona virus within 24 hours, a new record, according to Johns Hopkins University. With these injuries, the total number in the United States rises to 1891 deaths since the virus appeared, which is less than Italy
US President Donald Trump mocked Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg, calling him the "big loser", in the Democratic primary. "The biggest loser tonight is Bloomberg, as his political advisers tricked him," Trump wrote on his official Twitter account, Tuesday. The Republican president described Bloomberg as "Little Mike", after his modest
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