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BY/Yasmin thabet Authorities say a shooting at a bar in South Carolina left two people dead and eight injured. The Lancaster County Sherriff’s Office said in a statement that the agency was investigating a shooting at a bar early Saturday. Two adult males were shot and killed. Four injured
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - An unusual promise made by US President Donald Trump to a foreign leader has become the subject of a complaint that has created tension between US intelligence and Congress, The Washington Post reported on Friday. In a report published on Wednesday, the newspaper quoted former US
US police have arrested a girl who threatened to shoot everyone in her former school and kill them with fun and fun, according to the network "Fox News". Police said the 18-year-old girl, Alexis Wilson, told colleagues she would "shoot 400 people for fun and fun" and showed them
by/Yasmin Thabet The remains of Adas Israel Synagogue in Duluth, Minnesota Police do not believe the burning of a nearly 120-year-old synagogue in Duluth, Minnesota, was a hate crime. Investigators have no indication that the suspect arrested, Matthew Amiot, was motivated by hate or bias, Duluth Police Chief Mike
The Canadian election campaign is off to a flying start, even if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's plane was grounded by a scraped wing. A bus ferrying journalists collided with the wing of the Liberal party's chartered Boeing on Wednesday night. Photos show a scrape where the coach roof hit
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