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By:Nadeemy Haded New York Mayor Bill de Palacio has threatened to carry out arrests among supporters of the local Jewish community, in the event of organizing mass crowds against the backdrop of the emerging epidemic of the Corona virus "Covid-19". In tweets posted on Tuesday on his Twitter account,
By:Nadeemy Haded At least 6 people were killed on Sunday, after strong storms invaded the states of Mississippi and Louisiana, causing more than 12 hurricanes and leaving damage, authorities in both states said. The storm occurred on a Easter Sunday, as residents across the American south lay like most
By:Nadeemy Haded With the number of new cases of coronavirus in Canada expected to increase in the next few days, some hospitals may face significant shortages of intensive care unit beds. A team of Canadian researchers revealed that some hospitals in the country will face a significant shortage of
By:Nadeemy Haded The New York Post reported that Linda Tripp, the former White House and Pentagon employee, revealed the intimate relationship of former US President Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky at the age of 70. The newspaper today quoted a statement issued by Thomas Fowley, son-in-law of the deceased,
By:Nadeemy Haded The United States has called on its nationals abroad who want to return to their homes to do so now before the Coronavirus turns into a "tsunami" with which it loses the ability to evacuate them. "There is no guarantee that within a few weeks the State
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