LONDON (Reuters) - British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Wednesday resigned to Queen Elizabeth II to launch the Conservative Party's official election campaign. Johnson met the British queen at Buckingham Palace, where she was asked to allow parliament to be dissolved, and resigned as a necessary formality to run
Tajikistan border guards have confirmed the elimination of 15 militants as a result of their forces' response to an attack on a border crossing with Uzbekistan. The Information Office of the Border Guard Department of the Tajik National Security Committee, in an interview with the "Novosti" Russian on Wednesday,
The US administration has expressed concern about Serbia's interest in strengthening its arsenal through the acquisition of advanced Russian air defense systems. "Of course, we are concerned not only about the deployment of Russian military equipment in the territory of Serbia, but the possibility that Serbia will acquire sophisticated
Police in Hong Kong have arrested more than 200 demonstrators, while at least 17 people were injured in clashes between police and protesters in the city. The police said in a statement that they arrested people for participating in riots and accused of possessing weapons and damage to property
SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea on Thursday spotted two North Korean missiles firing into the Sea of ​​Japan, saying their type had not yet been determined. The South Korean Defense Ministry said in a statement: "The two missiles were fired from Pyongan-Namdo province ... The ministry is monitoring the
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