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By:Nadeemy Haded On Monday, the Chinese president called for an independent review of the global response to the Corona Virus pandemic under the supervision of the World Health Organization when the virus is brought under control, and he also defended his country's response to the outbreak. President Xi Jinping,
By:Nadeemy Haded China called on the member states of the United Nations to "fully fulfill their financial obligations" of the organization, according to Friday's statement in a statement indicating the debt attributed to Washington, which amounts to two billion dollars. "On May 14, the total contributions to be paid
With pride , Dr. Abeer Almadawy declared owner and president of the Castle Journal About the new official name Which departs from Egypt and the Netherlands And the global media In which you will start dealing with companies and other organizations around the world officially in accordance with international
By:Nadeemy Haded A prominent scientist at the World Health Organization has warned that the world may need a period of time between 4 and 5 years in order to control the Corona epidemic. The leading Indian scientist with the organization Sumaya Swaminathan said that the decisive factors for the
By:Nadeemy Haded A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that any trade agreement with the United States should be in Britain’s interests and its imports should meet “food safety standards”. "It was clear that any future deal with the United States should work for the benefit of the
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