US President Donald Trump has betrayed his body language this time by infuriating his Finnish guest, who is clearly disturbed by the cameras in the White House. Trump tried to "break the ice" during a meeting with his guest, Finland's President, Sauli Niinisto, by patting on his knee, as
After visiting Israel and publishing many photos there, famous American singer Demi Lovato apologized to "all those who hurt them." Lovato ignored the advice of those close to her "ignoring it" following the uproar caused by her visit, stressing, in an unusual position of international stars, that the visit
Continuing its trade wars with different parts of the world, the Trump administration imposed a 25 percent tariff on European goods worth up to $ 7.5 billion. The decision applies to the imposition of tariffs on European goods, specifically on the manufacture of alcoholic beverages, most notably French wine
Russian President Vladimir Putin has said he condemns the exploitation of children and adolescents for anyone, in response to a speech by Swedish climate activist Greta Tonberg at the United Nations. "I may be disappointed, but I do not share Greta Tonberg with the enthusiasm we saw in her
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will unveil his final offer to Brexit on Wednesday, calling it a "fair and logical" settlement. Johnson will make it clear that if Brussels does not respond to the proposal, Britain will not negotiate again and leave the EU on October 31. In his
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